Word evaluation of HND Year 1

I am a student of the 1 year HND. It was an absolutely, huge surprise to be chosen out of 300 people who applied on this course. It became clear to me that it was really my year. The dream of becoming fully qualified makeup artist came true. I began my studies in very optimistic tone.
I met Branka briefly when she was a substitute teacher during my studies on VTCT and I remembered how good she was with all students regardless of their experience. When I found out she will be teaching me fashion trends subject I was very pleased.
The year started and I felt excited but I have also hit a massive mental wall! I have realized I don’t know anything about fashion! That frustrated me because I never thought about fashion makeup, because I couldn’t see myself doing it. Tough luck. I had to learn how to look at fashion without thinking about it as playground for rich and spoiled people. And I must say I found my type of fashion. It’s usually twisted and not for everyone, but it also can be quite simple and beautiful.
Branka’s lessons and her individual approach to each student allowed me to open up to unknown side of my brain.
I learnt different techniques on how to apply the crazy ideas into makeup using simple products. One of lessons incorporated wool into makeup design.  This lesson inspired me so much that I decided to use wool in my makeup design for my Cover Girl assessment. I have created a pattern on a polystyrene head using red wool and latex which later was added into created makeup design. Cover Girl assessment was designed to help students understand the importance of being independent as this will be required form us as freelance makeup artists. We had to find a photographer and model to collaborate with. It took me a while to start looking for people to work with but finally I found my dream team. Model was recommended to me by one of the fellow students and one of my friends who is a professional photographer helped out with photos. I really enjoyed working with other people. This project was a team effort and I am very proud of everyone.

Branka showed us a new technique which made eyeliner application much easier then what I was thought in the past. Another great technique was shown to us on how to do perfect smokey eyes in a quite simple way. I have learnt how to blend colours and make the colours to stand out. I used this two techniques on my final assessment for Mask Making and Design Exploration for Makeup in Performance Art. Another very important skill was to create designs on fig lace using varies of products for example gems or feathers. This skill will be very useful in future work on fashion shoots and catwalks, as it can be done in advance.

My time management has definitely improved. When working on the work experience through West Thames College I have realized, that now one on the photo-shoot or film set will wait for me, just because I have not finished makeup or hair styling on time. Speed means work, work means money, money means I can work as a makeup artist, doing job which gives me fulfillment and satisfaction.

Working as a team is very important as my work experience showed. I am willing to help anyone who in my opinion requires my help, even if my own work would have to be delayed.
The biggest struggle was to start my blog. I could not wrap my head around the idea of blogging. But I had to find my way of doing it. Writing the first post felt awkward. Breakthrough came after a little cry and a motivational talk with my partner. After few months of sharing my thoughts with the world I kind of like it. I think I was afraid of unknown, but I managed to overcome this feeling.

I find hair lessons very relaxing. I really like Emma’s approach to the hair in fashion subject. I thought a lesson about plaits will not be as adventures as other lessons, but I was wrong. I have learnt how to do few typed of plaits and I love it. I am practicing on my friends my new skill of making my favorite Dutch plait.

Emma showed us what can be done with a card board. The result surprised me a lot. I have created beautiful bow and circle. I cannot wait to apply it into hair design in my future work. What I loved about Emma lessons was that she showed us how to create beautiful hairstyles suitable for fashion or catwalk. Thanks to her ideas I wanted to create a hair piece which I would use on my final assessment for Mask Making.

There is one major aspect I think needs improvement in my hair styling. I think I should work on more editorial finish applied on hair styling, for some reason I am applying quite a lot of period hair styling into editorial hair styling and I cannot explain why this happens. I think solution would be to look more at editorial hair styling and catwalks as well as video clips and then try it on models.

Period hair as well as fashion hair subjects are very relaxing to me. I love the fact period hair brings everything together to create a particular character. I found period hair lessons, thanks to Sam, very interesting. Her explanations and demo were very clear and it was then easy to apply it on the dolly head or a model. I don’t think I had problems with period hair styling.

Period makeup especially at the beginning of the year was a little bit more challenging to me then the end of the year. I had and still have problems with blocking out eye brows and the blusher amount to use, it is usually too light. Over the year 1 I have improves lipstick application, eye shadow blending, brow balance.
Theatre lessons were very interesting. Tanya has great knowledge and it was and is a pleasure to be her student. Theatre makeup proved to be a little bit more challenging, but I love to be challenging. I really enjoyed the bald cap application and making it. The most challenging was our final bald cap characters assessment even though I had problem during application I did managed to silver it thanks to all I was thought by Tanya. I did struggle to apply blush in the correct way, it is the main problem I had during this year studies.
Contextual studies became my favorite subject. Fiona is an amazing ‘story teller’, who engages the students into intelligent conversation. I loved everything about Fiona’s lessons –  Sonia Delaunay. Her work was inspiration for my final makeup design. Thanks to Fiona I have fallen in love with Pre-Raphaelite’s and William Morris – I want to use his floral patterns to help me decorating my house.
I find business management subject very difficult. I know I will have to put an extra effort to complete the task for October, but there is always a solution to any situation.
Production Management by Tanya looked very interesting and came very handy when I did my work experience on a film set. I was able to apply the knowledge I learnt about film set, etiquette and call sheets and I am very glad I did not missed any lesson.
 Working in the industry will mean I will be facing unknown territory and unfamiliar ideas, but I know thanks to Branka, Emma, Denise, Sam, Fiona, Tanya and Tina, that I am better in adapting into new situations.

My new and existing much improved skills allowed me to become more confident makeup artist and I cannot wait to see what the second year of HND will bring.