Pagan festivals/mythology HAIR AND MAKEUP.

My chosen theme is Pagan festivals/mythology.

I have visited Tate Modern and saw Sonia Delanay Exhibition. I was fascinated with the geometric shapes and colours. Electric Prisms 1913 is my inspiration for makeup on my final assessment.

Sonia Delaunay Electric Prisms 1913  This is a first sketch for a final makeup design. And below first trial of the makeup. I have used full coverage foundation by Le Maquillage. I wanted to see how would this matte foundation look next to very vibrant eye makeup. To add strength to the colour I used Supracolor palette white as a base for the colour. I then used flat, round brush to apply each colour. Brush bristle was hard enough to keep the lines of the makeup very sharp. Like Sonia I have used contrasting colours but unlike her I kept the lines very defined rather then smudged. I would like to try similar makeup but with smudged lines.

I kept the other eye makeup simple. It would confuse the viewer, because of the amount of different colour used and different shapes. I used Aqua palette for eye lash makeup instead mascara or false eyelashes. The reason for it was to focus the attention on the colour and shape.

Brows were done using brown pencil by Mac. I wanted the whole makeup to stay matte and because of that I didn’t use any shimmer highlighter. The face was powdered with loose powder by Mac.

With this heavy in colour makeup design I wasn’t sure what to do with the lip, so I decided to experiment. I used supracolour palette white (grease paint) and using my ring finger I have applied blue eye shadow in random places. The result was interesting but it did not complimented the whole makeup design.



I have found makeup which in my opinion was inspired by geometric shapes and vibrant colours. Here is beautiful androgynous David Bowie.


David Bowie 


I have chosen this image because of its bold red lip. I am going to use it for my second makeup trial, using smudged colours.




The next 3 images were inspired by colour and shapes. My favorite on is the 2nd image. It uses the colour and shapes without changing the beautiful features of the model. What it did was to enhance it.



I love these colours, shows how our emotions can be so different!!




Second makeup trial.


Using the same products I have tried smudged version of eye makeup. Which I liked a lot more. Looking at the pictures I realized that yellow above the right brow was almost invisible. I will have to use Aqua colour to get a stronger result. I did changed the other eye makeup design and kept it very low key. This time no Aqua colour was added on the eye lashes. Lips were covered with nude, sheen Kryolan lipstick.

Home trial with my model Adriana.

Model Adriana has fantastic skin with pink undertones. I have started applying eye makeup first. White grease paint by Supracolor Kryolan was applied on the whole eyelid as a base to give intensity to the colour. I then used Kryolan Vibrant eye shadow palette and flat rounded brush. After each colour was applied I cleaned the brush and moved to the next colour. Next using fluffy round brush I have merged colours where colour were joining.

I used navy blue to cover the eye bow. Above the eye brow I have used Aqua Color by Kryolan and I applied it using body painting brushes Royal and Langnickel (RV-13) I used yellow as base colour, then orange and as a highlight I used white which I extended towards the hair line.

There was no mascara. 

I wanted her face to loose the rosy cheeks so I used full coverage foundation by Lee Maquillage and it was applied using foundation brush which then I smooth using buffer brush. Under eyes I applied very little concealer as her skin did not required much concealing, I used concealer palette by Mac. 

Her right eye was done in much settle way. Using small, flat rounded brush with stiff bristle I draw an arch below eye brow using blue colour by Aqua Color by Kryolan. Next I draw 2 lines below bottom eye lid in yellow and blue using the same product. 

Lips were left natural. I used Kryolan sheen lipstick palette and small round brush. 

I liked the 3rd makeup the most and this is going to be a general reference for my finale makeup for the assessment. 


DSC01327 (Large) DSC01326 (Large) DSC01328 (Large)




Inspiration for my headpiece is scorpion tail.



Models wore ponytails resembling metasoma at the Alexis Mabille Fall/Winter '13 collection. Photos: Getty Images Source

The Clash of the Titans 1981

Helen of troy.jpg Helen of Troy 2003

The Wicker Tree (2011) Poster The Wicker Tree 2011


  1. I first created the base of the headpiece using buckram. I wet it and using pins, I applied it on the polystyrene head. When it dried it stayed in the rounded shape.


  1. Taking another piece of the buckram I have made few holes creating a circle.


  1. Using thick cable I push it through the holes in the first buckram piece.


  1. Next I have cut a huge polystyrene ball with a knife into smaller pieces. I made the edges looking rounder by cutting the excess using knife. The smaller pieces varied in sizes.


  1. Putting few square pieces together I created rounded shape, not a ball.


  1. I covered the shapes in newspaper. Remaining part of the newspaper was glued to the ‘ball’ using adhesive tape.


  1. To cover the newspapers I used temporary spray-on hair colour.


  1. Next all the newspaper/polystyrene shapes were pushed on the cable. Polystyrene is soft and it wasn’t hard to push it over the cable.


  1. Once I was happy with the amount of ‘balls’ on the cable I the covered it with crepe hair. I used 3 colours: black, light blonde and brown. I have used tong strips of crepe hair and I tided remaining crepe hair where the ‘balls’ were joining.


  1. I left a little bit of cable sticking out of the smallest ‘ball’, I wanted to create scorpion sting. The sting is black. I used buckram to create a cone and I covered it with black sugar paper, PVA glue and hot glue was used to hold it all in one piece.

Fitting the piece:

1. I created the pin curls on top on the head and using grips I have attached base of the head piece to the head.

2. I used crimpers to add texture to remaining hair.

3. Next I back combed all crimped hair and using grips and hair spray I have comb it upwards towards the headpiece.

4. Crepe hair were added to blend the head piece with the natural hair and to cover any imperfections due to models hair length (bob length).

DSC01335 (Large) DSC01336 (Large) DSC01325 (Large)


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