Pagan Festivals/Mythology Assessment 18/05/2015

I am so pleased with myself.

Makeup looked at its best comparing to all trials I did and the same applied to hair styling. I have managed to secure the headpiece safely. Models hair were quite short, but I have used crepe hair which allowed me to join the headpiece and natural hair without any pins visible.

I asked photographer to guide my model to achieve more editorial look and from what I have seen on the camera screen it is looking amazing!!!

Here are the pictures form the day of the assessment taken by me.

DSC01420 (Large) DSC01421 (Large) DSC01423 (Large) DSC01424 (Large) DSC01426 (Large) DSC01427 (Large) DSC01429 (Large) DSC01430 (Large) DSC01437 (Large) DSC01448 (Large) DSC01449 (Large) DSC01454 (Large) DSC01456 (Large)