Outside of the box thinking – wool

Lace effect can be pre made at home. To create it use latex, red head block, PVA glue, wool. Makeup artist should not only rely on makeup itself. It is good to have other skills.

Wig lace is great base for pre made designs, as once all wool and thread is stuck on it, it is then easy to stick the whole piece onto the skin by using spirit gum. THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

Step by step:

1. Correct chair hight, protective gown, no allergy. Cleansed, toned and moisturized face. Block out the brow but not completely. Use spirit gum. Give it a good shake. Then brush brow in wrong direction, next using cotton buds coat the brows in glue. Brush the brow in correct direction then press the glue with the back of the brush and wait few seconds for the glue to dry. If someone is allergic to spirit gum use an alternative – glue stick (water based glue) it takes 5-6 min for it to dry. It is easy to wash by using water.

2. Set the brow with translucent powder
3. To discard the brow colour use D32 (red toned concealer) from derma colour palette.
4. Set it with the translucent powder.
5. Use full coverage foundation Le Maquillage, warm the product on the back of your hand, this will help the product to merge with the skin, stipple the product on, blend the edges using ring finger.
6. For highlight and contour use cream based products e.g. Le Maquillage palette – darker tones for shading and highlighting or Supracolor by Kryolan palette if you need white for highlighting, for someone with very fair skin tone. Apply contouring on the cheek bone, temple, jaw line, nose and blend it well using blending brush.
7. To create 3D contouring add very dark cream based product, below previously applied shading.
8. Apply fine coat of mascara, coating all sides of lashes.
9. Set the makeup with light powder application, use fan brush.
10. Use pointy brush and aqua colour palette by Kryolan. Add water to the water based paints and work the brush until you will get creamy custard consistency.
11. Use your small finger to steady your hand or powder puff to get the crisp line and steady line
12. Use thread wool and firstly apply latex on to the chosen area on the face and put the thread on the latex. Be creative.


It was a little bit difficult to work with the thinner thread in yellow due to its size. If I would have to work with it again I would rather to pre made it. Otherwise I did not find it too difficult. I loved the freedom of that lesson.

I should have mixed my black paint better as it was a little bit patchy. I would try different, higher pigmented paint to achieve a better texture.

I felt very inspired after this lesson, it gave me an idea for my final assessment cover girl makeup design.