Electrical equipment for texture

Health and safety: no loose wires, no damaged electrical tools, no food or drinks with open lid  at the working station, all bags and personal belongings should be under the table/working station.

To add texture into hair, which may help to create chosen style, you may use crimper, hot sticks or barrel waver. Each of this tools creates different effect. Crimper will create shallow and tighter wave; hot sticks creates tight curls; barrel waver creates deep wave.

I decided to work with crimper as I have never worked with it and I wanted to put ‘rick racking’ to the test (not sure about the spelling) and barrel waver. I have used setting lotion, hair spray, tail comb, grips, big pins.

DSC00271 DSC00268

Step by step:

I’ve section the hair in 3 sections with parting on one side and I have started working on the back section from the nape. I have used crimper parallel to the floor. Then I have to moved to occipital bone section and I have decided to angle the crimper, alternately changing the angle from one side to the other side. I have used crimper on back and front section ( the bigger front section) and the smaller front section was curled in ‘rick racking’ way.


Barrel waver effect


Crimper effect

To ‘rick rack’ I had to use the big pin or geisha pin (much larger). Take a very thin hair section and hang the pin on it as if it would be an upside down hook. Using the loose end of hair wrap it around one side of the pin and once it reaches the same point wrap it on the other side of the pin, you should have created an eight shape. Repeat the whole process. Once all hair is wrapped use straighteners on the wrapped hair for about 3 seconds-it preserves the shape. Remove the straighteners and leave the hair on the pin until it will cool down. While hair were cooling down I carried on with next and then the next pin. And then I went back to remove the first pin.


‘rick racking


‘rick racking’ effect

So I had plenty of texture in dolly hair and I have decided to style it. Using my fingers I have loosen all hair. I took the bottom section and I roll it upwards, stopping on occipital bone and I secure it by using grips. The front section (the big side) I have rolled under and I have join it to the bottom section. The other front side (the small one) I have rolled under and secured it with grips.

DSC00279 DSC00275 DSC00276 DSC00277 DSC00278

Overall I really enjoyed working with crimper, it was quick and I loved the texture it gave me. ‘Rick racking’ great texture but it was time consuming. Styling…well I think I should have thought it through and plan my actions and I didn’t. It was due to little time left. So the styling looks interesting but I think it would need more of shape.