Blow dry-full body, velcro rollers.

One of the purposes of blow dry is to add body to the hair. Full bodied does not mean curls, but volume. To create this effect I have used hair dryer, setting lotion, round brush and clamps.

Health and safety: no loose wires, no damaged electrical tools, no food or drinks with open lid  at the working station, all bags and personal belongings should be under the table/working station.

Step by step:

-damp hair, brush it well,

-section the hair starting from the nape of the neck,

-use setting lotion

-round brush ( bigger or smaller depending of the style desired ) roll the hair under the brush using temperature suitable for hair condition ( healthy hair higher temperature and damaged hair low to medium temperature ). All hair on the brush should be lifted and hair should not be rolled all the way up, this may lead to hair tangling.

-extra attention on the crown, hair away from the head in 60 degrees,

-leave brush to cool down, remove the  brush.

Preserving the style when waiting for a photo shoot with the use of velcro rollers. Rollers size should be adjusted to desired look.


DSC00050 DSC00052 DSC00056 DSC00058 DSC00061 DSC00066 Model Beata Full body blow dry